Our Process



Royal Baby Award(RBA) is an photo competition for babies within the ages of 0-3. The Award is designed to celebrate babies at the finest phase of their lives and also to help empower the cradle.

Voting Methods

Click to Vote

During each voting stage, the “vote” button will be activated on every contestants profile on the website, voters are to click on the button to vote. Voting has been automated to accept just 1 vote from a device every 24 hours. This voting process is free and requires data to be able to vote.

Pay to Vote

This method of voting requires money. A payment short code will be activated for voters to pay and vote for their desired contestants. Each pay vote costs 200 hundred Naira and the minimum amount of vote per person is 1,000 Naira.
The competition has three voting stages, at the end of each voting stage, 70% of contestants with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated. At the end of final voting stage, three contestants with the highest number of votes will emerge winner as the grand winner will be crowned the Royal Baby of the year. The winners will be awarded in a glamourous live event.

Our Vision

Our Ultimate aim is to inspire parents/guardians to embrace the beauty of parenthood and to make every child feel beautiful, special and appreciated.

Our Mission

To deliver a yearly contest that will recognize, celebrate and empower babies to become all that they can possibly be in life.

Our Strategy

Deploy a global competitive platform where babies are seen and voted for across platforms.

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